It’s all about Location, Location, Location!

That’s the first rule of house hunting. But what do you really know about your new neighbourhood? Is there a risk of flooding? Is it in a high crime area? Where are the local shops and services?

Don’t spend £100’s on property reports and end up with nasty surprises when you can search our free map for a wide range of property and neighbourhood information.

Flood Risk

A flooded home is as expensive as it is distressing. Check our maps of flood risk and see if your future home is at risk.

Energy Bills

See average energy bills and Energy Performance Certificates for homes in your neighbourhood.


Check our neighbourhood statistics including crime rates and antisocial behaviour.

Pollution and nuisance

Is the air clean to breath, will the roar of a nearby motorway keep you up at night? See what risk you may be exposed to.

Planning restrictions

In a conservation area, or an area of outstanding natural beauty? See what rules and restrictions may apply to your neighbourhood.


At WiseMover we do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. However some information is averaged or we only have an approximate location so we encourage you to independently verify before purchasing or renting a property.