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WiseMover is free website proving access to information about homes and neighbourhoods in England. It is intended to complement the paid for property report many people purchase before moving home.

I was inspired to create WiseMover after my own experience of house hunting. I was frustrated by the lack of information in the big property search engines like Right Move and Zoopla. While they would show you the basics like price, and number of bedrooms they didn’t tell you a lot of important information like the crime rate or the flood risk.

There were property report websites, but they often charge £10s or £100s per report. Far too expensive to buy for every house we were considering.

I knew that much of this information was freely available if you know where to look so I started to map out the things I was looking for and then target my search in only the best places. With a more target search we quickly found our ideal home and have had now regrets from our move.

I thought that other people might also want access to this information so I have created WiseMover to allow everybody access to the best available data on housing in England.

Why are there ads?

While much of the data in this website is published by the Government for free, building and running a website costs money. So ads help cover those costs.

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